Let 16-Year-Olds Vote in Local Elections

10th District Republican Council member Brian O'Neill is putting the finishing touches on his "Get Off My Lawn" platform for his 11th reelection campaign in Northeast Philadelphia, first banning food trucks from his entire district, and then endorsing the use of sonic waves to mess with teenagers' ears if they enter city parks after closing.  Continue reading

Making It Really Easy to Reuse Old Buildings: A New Broader Goal for Council's Preservation Bills

(Photo: Jon Geeting) A few of Mayor Kenney's Historic Preservation Task Forces's recommendations have made it onto the agenda in City Council at the end of the spring session, with a series of bills introduced by 1st District Councilman Mark Squilla that would make it easier to reuse buildings that are designated historic on the local historic register. Continue reading

How to Raise Even More Affordable Housing Revenue from the New Mixed-Income Housing Bonus

When last year's affordable housing package passed City Council, the big news was the Kenney administration's commitment to dedicating a lot more general funding to the Housing Trust Fund from expiring tax abatements, but as we've been pointing out, the more interesting story may be the Mixed-Income Housing density bonus program.  Continue reading

Philly's Finances are on the Mend as City Passes 2020 Budget

(Image: PICA) City Council passed a $5 billion 2020 budget on Thursday, with a $300 million increase in spending that will primarily go toward salary and benefit increases and various anti-poverty initiatives. Claudia Vargas reports that the budget will also include a first-ever contribution to the City's Rainy Day Fund, as a result of higher than expected tax collections.  Continue reading

Jewell Williams Might Retaliate Against the Media by Pulling Sheriff Sale Ads

(Sheriff Jewell Williams) Sheriff's sale ads for property foreclosure sales are a well-known source of influence peddling by the Sheriff's office, and now that Sheriff Jewell Williams has been deposed in the primary by Guardian Civic League President Rochelle Bilal, there are signs Williams may try and use his control of the $8 million ad budget to punish media outlets he thinks contributed to his loss. Continue reading

Legalizing Low-Cost Housing: Philly's Untried Affordable Housing Strategy

(Thin Flats | LEED Duplexes from Inhabitat) Affordable housing advocates demonstrated in Council last year in opposition to a move to open up the city's Housing Trust Fund to "workforce housing" projects, which are targeted at lower-middle class residents instead of the lowest-income residents. That measure still passed, but advocates had a good point: if there are only so many public dollars for affordable housing to go around, the most housing-insecure groups should come first.  Continue reading

State Reps and Corridor Managers Talk Commercial Corridor Policy

One of the big themes candidates discussed a lot during this year's City Council campaign was refocusing economic development policy to create more opportunities in places outside of Center City, and commercial corridors are a great focal point for thinking about how to do that in practice.  Continue reading

PA Lawmakers Unveil a Raft of Voting Reform Bills, Including Ranked Choice Voting in Philly's Local Elections

Pennsylvania has been pretty far behind the times when it comes to voting access, and has lagged a lot of other states in taking proactive steps to make it easier to vote like allowing early voting, same-day registration, automatic registration, and more absentee and vote-by-mail options. But that could change if the State Government Committee, and ultimately the Republican legislative leadership, allows a raft of newly-proposed voting reforms to come up for a vote in Harrisburg. Continue reading

Philadelphia 3.0 Highlights Successes in 2019 City Council Primary

Philadelphia 3.0 is thrilled with the success of five out of six endorsed City Council candidates in Philadelphia’s 2019 primaries last Tuesday, including a major upset win by Jamie Gauthier in the 3rd City Council District, where 3.0 focused the vast majority of its resources. Continue reading

Which Wards Saw the Biggest Voter Registration Gains in 2019?

The pre-primary 2019 voter registration numbers are in, and we now know that just over 13,000 people registered to vote in Philadelphia between January 1st and April 22nd. Which areas of the city saw the biggest gains? Continue reading