Which Wards Have the Most (and the Least) Competition for Committeeperson Seats?

(Wards) With the committeeperson ballot nearly set, we can begin to identify the wards and divisions with the most intense competitive elections. And we can also start to think about the places that will be ripe for write-in campaigns as we get closer to Election Day on May 15th. Continue reading

What Do We Know So Far About the 2018 Ward Elections?

For the past year and a half, Philadelphia 3.0 has been promoting the 2018 ward elections as a great opportunity for people to dive into local politics by running for committeeperson—the smallest elected position that matters in Philadelphia politics. Now that we're past the deadline for candidates to file, and petition challenges are wrapping up, we're finally getting a picture of where things stand.  Continue reading

Redistricting Round-Up: 8 Day Countdown

(Joe Scarnati | Image: State Impact Pennsylvania) In the wake of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision striking down PA's most-gerrymandered-in-the-nation Congressional maps, the redistricting news is flying fast and furious, so we've been rounding up a weekly digest of the top stories for those trying to drink from this firehose. Follow us below the fold for this week's news: Continue reading

End of an Era as Bob Brady Announces He Won't Run for Reelection

(Photo credit: Congressman Bob Brady) In a meeting with Democratic City Committee on Wednesday afternoon, Congressman Bob Brady confirmed the rumor that had been swirling in local political circles for months: he won't be running for reelection.  Continue reading

Philly Added More Jobs in the Last 10 Years than Amazon Has Projected for HQ2

(Amazon HQ1 | Photo: Jon Geeting) Philly has tended to lag many of our peer cities in job growth since the Great Recession, but this week we got some good news from real estate research firm JLL about the city's jobs picture that shows we've at least made some big improvements on our own past performance. Continue reading

Redistricting Round-up: 15 Day Countdown

(One possible non-partisan Congressional map, courtesy of Daily Kos Elections) In a major last-minute shake-up for Pennsylvania's 2018 elections, the state Supreme Court ruled this week that our current Congressional map is unconstitutional under the state constitution, and gave the legislature a short window to draw a new one. Here's what we know so far. Continue reading

Five things you need to know about the Amazon short-ish list

Yesterday, Amazon announced its 20 city HQ2 shortlist. There's a lot to read into the cities and "cities" that made the list. Here are the top-five things you need to know about who's still in the running, who isn't, and what it means for Philadelphia.    Continue reading

Is Our Politicians Learning? Affordable Housing Edition

One of the big problems with Philly's current approach to affordable housing policy is the scale issue. The ways that we're spending public money now don't come anywhere close to helping the number of residents who need housing assistance, and still wouldn't come close even if elected officials dedicated millions more to the existing programs. Continue reading

Redistricting Round-up: Justices Seem Open to Overturning Maps, 'Stack Map' Stack Moment

The PA Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week in the League of Women Voters case we wrote about recently, and Liz Navratil reports that things are not looking great for Pennsylvania's current Congressional map, which is generally acknowledged to be one of the most extreme cases of partisan gerrymandering in the country.  Continue reading

Philly Voters Deserve Open and Competitive Elections for Congress and Democratic Party Chair in 2018

(We are all this boy, in Bob Brady's Democratic Party | Image: WHYY) Over the past year, there's been an amazing small-d democratic resurgence building in Philly politics. Our usually sleepy District Attorney and Controller election cycle saw huge voter turnout due to two exciting primaries, and grassroots groups are on the march to revive the local Democratic Party's creaky get-out-the-vote apparatus. But not everybody is getting in the democratic spirit. Continue reading