Rebecca Rhynhart was the Top Vote-Getter in Philly's 2017 Elections

(Photo: Rebecca Rhynhart) After the 2017 primary election, there was a weird, and frankly pretty sexist, line of commentary out there that said Rebecca Rhynhart's blowout primary win over four-term incumbent Controller Alan Butkovitz was really due to Larry Krasner's coattails despite Rhynhart winning more votes than Krasner. Continue reading

How the 197th House Election Mess Will Hurt the Cause of Expanded Voting Access

(Emilio Vasquez and Bob Brady | Photo: Philly Public Record) Election Day in the 197th State Rep district strengthens claims about voter fraud and undermines efforts to modernize our election system. The PA Attorney General’s office just called it out. But there’s no solution without the local Democratic party leading the charge.  Continue reading

PA's Anti-Property Tax Ballot Question a Threat to Local Budgets

The November 7th general election is shaping up to be a sleepy affair, but it's still important to show up and vote, and not just because it's good to vote twice a year. Anti-property tax activists quietly slipped a really bad ballot question onto the ballot, and at this point it's probably going to pass unless people show up to sink it. Continue reading

Ten quick hits about Amazon as we head into HQ2 radio silence

Two weeks ago, the City submitted its bid (two days early!) and now the waiting game begins. Smart money is on Amazon announcing a shortlist and letting those sites battle it out. In the meantime, here are ten quick thoughts on the bid, the shortlist, and what this all means for Philadelphia.    Continue reading

Council Report Card: Week of October 30th

In which Kenyatta Johnson calls for hearings checking in on the City's (non-existent) progress implementing the 2004 Tax Reform Commission's recommendations; Curtis Jones proposes a raise for poll workers; David Oh proposes exempting certain corner restaurants from the city's 11 pm curfew; and Kenyatta Johnson proposes expanding eligibility and removing the sunset clause for the Longtime Owner Occupant Program (LOOP), which discounts property taxes for lower-income longtime homeowners. Continue reading

The Amazon Bid is an Opportunity, Even if They Pass on Philly

  The Amazon bid has provided a great opening for a new, more positive narrative about Philadelphia to take hold locally, but Center City District President Paul Levy is out with a timely corrective to some of the marketing glitz, warning us not to get complacent. Continue reading

Survey: Philly Residents Care About Street Cleaning More Than Parking

The City released the results of the first resident survey conducted in almost 10 years this week, and streets, sanitation, and public safety were far and away the top services respondents were concerned about.  Continue reading

Softening Rents are the Future Zoning Liberals Want

(Image: Kevin Gillen, Lindy Institute at Drexel University) Philly developers have been building a lot of apartments over the last few years, and the steady pace of construction has some people feeling anxious (or excited in some cases) about when the boom times will end.  Continue reading

Philly Needs Local Government Worthy of the City in Our Amazon HQ2 Bid

Philadelphia officially submitted its bid for Amazon's second headquarters yesterday, and as part of the promotions, the City released a nicely-designed website with a video showcasing Philly's strengths. Continue reading

List of Contested Philly State Rep Primaries Keeps On Growing

  (Malcolm Kenyatta | Photo: City & State PA) Next year's state representative primaries are shaping up to be more exciting than usual, with lots of intra-party competition that could help fuel off-year turnout in both the ward elections and a potentially contested 1st District Congressional primary next May. Continue reading