Umpteenth Study Proves Parking Increases Housing Costs

(Fergie Tower: 300 units, hold the parking costs) A new study by economist Kevin Gillen for local brokerage firm Houwzer is the latest addition to the huge stockpile of evidence that bundling parking with housing makes houses more expensive. Continue reading

City Government's Expensive IT Problems Also Have Far-Reaching Policy Consequences

The City is still awarding public properties to tax-delinquent businesses, Ryan Briggs reports, despite recent efforts to sync revenue data with L+I's permitting software.  Continue reading

Jim Kenney: Tear Down Thomas Paine Plaza

(Image: Philadelphia City Planning Commission) After a horrifying weekend of racist violence in Charlottesville, VA, in which white a supremacist demonstrator murdered counter-protestor Heather Heyer and injured dozens more, civil rights activists are more emboldened than ever to remove racist statues and symbols of white supremacy from public spaces in cities.  Continue reading

These Are the Stations Where Council Should Use Their New Transit-Oriented Development Tools

(Paseo Verde, Philly's most celebrated transit-oriented development project | Photo: Urban Land Institute) City Council passed an important piece of legislation at the end of their Spring session that didn't get much media attention, but has the potential to be a really big deal if Councilmembers decide to use it as intended.  Continue reading

Next Gen Leaders Weigh in on the 'Future of Philly Politics' at Free Library Forum

Speaking in front of a packed house in the Free Library auditorium Thursday evening, a group of Philadelphia's up-and-coming political leaders weighed in on the future of the local Democratic and Republican parties, and how institutions and the city's political culture will change as the younger generations move into more positions of influence.  Continue reading

Jim Kenney: Keep Your Campaign Promise. Bring Back Street-Sweeping in Your First Term.

During the 2015 Mayoral primary, candidate Jim Kenney promised to bring back citywide street-sweeping services in Philadelphia. But now that he's Mayor, Kenney is trying to punt on the issue indefinitely. Continue reading

Why is Philly's Housing Inventory at a Record Low?

(South Philly home prices keep growing. Image: Lindy Institute) Melissa Romero reports that Philly has a record low inventory of homes on the market, according to the most recent Q2 housing report from the Lindy Institute. Continue reading

Kenney Administration Quietly Renegotiating Police Contract

  (Jim Kenney and Richard Ross | Photo Credit: Matt Rourke, Associated Press) Philadelphia voters just participated in a District Attorney primary that featured an unusually substantive policy debate about how best to reform the city's approach to criminal justice. Continue reading

A Pro-Growth Politics Needs Inclusive Building Trades

(Large construction projects like the Science Center expansion will enjoy more local support if Philadelphians get the jobs) The various efforts over the years to integrate Philadelphia's historically segregated building trades, most recently through the Rebuild initiative, is a noble cause on the merits, but it's also an important piece of creating a more pro-growth politics in the city. Continue reading

Is the FBI Investigating Bob Brady?

(This boy's face is all of us. Photo credit: Philadelphia Inquirer) The Inquirer reports that 1st District Congressman and Democratic City Committee chairman Bob Brady is being accused of paying his primary challenger Jimmie Moore to exit the race, but the more interesting news is that Brady may be under FBI investigation.  Continue reading