Newsworks interviews 3.0 Executive Director Alison Perelman on Election Lawsuit

"The panel wants to replace the city commissioners with a department of elections led by a director, who would be appointed by the mayor. Continue reading

City & State PA Says Lawsuit Could Blow Up City Commissioners Office

"Perelman makes no secret of the fact that her group and Seventy ultimately want the commissioners gone altogether. The two groups are part of the Better Philadelphia Elections Coalition, which aims to clean up city elections, starting with the beleaguered row office." Continue reading

Philly Inquirer Breaks 3.0/Committee of 70 Lawsuit News

"The Committee of Seventy, along with a political action committee and three candidates, is suing Common Pleas Court President Judge Sheila Woods-Skipper over her inaction in replacing the three city commissioners this election cycle." [...] Continue reading

Philadelphia Tribune Covers 3.0/Committee of 70 Lawsuit

  "Political watchdog group the Committee of Seventy — along with the organization Philadelphia 3.0 and three individuals and candidates for local election boards — filed a lawsuit with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court against Court of Common Pleas President Judge Sheila Woods-Skipper, calling on her to replace Philadelphia’s three City Commissioners for the 2017 election cycle [...}" Continue reading