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Our campaign to recruit people to run for ward elections in 2018 has been picking up steam for the last month, and local media is taking notice. We sold out both of our January workshops, which will train 200 people on the nuts and bolts of winning ward elections, some of the neighborhood teams we've helped organize are already starting to meet already, and sign-ups continue to roll in through our web form

Yesterday, I had a fun opportunity to discuss the project on WHYY's Radio Times with Point Breeze committeeperson Jen Devor and host Mary Cummings-Jordan. The subject matter won't be entirely new to those who have been reading our blog posts on the topic, but we did get more into what a committeeperson really does, and why this is such an underrated area of local politics.

Our segment starts around the 13-minute mark. Stream the show here:

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