Run for Committee Person

What is the first and best way to get involved in local politics in Philadelphia? Running for a committee person seat in your ward. 

Ward committee people are the political block captains of the local Democratic and Republican parties. Committee people represent their immediate neighborhoods--think two or three square blocks--and are elected every four years. The next ward committee election is May 2018.

Read our Ward Elections FAQ for more details

The first step in running for committeeperson is learning a bit about your current committee people. Check out Jonathan Tannen's map of the 2014 ward elections below, and enter your address to find your current committeepeople, and learn more about what happened in your division in 2014:

Seeing how many votes your committeepeople won by in 2014 can help you determine how they got into office, and how many votes you need to plan to win. For example, low vote totals likely indicate they ran a successful write-in campaign, while high vote totals could suggest you have a more engaged committeeperson, or at least a more engaged division. For a closer look at your division's exact borders, see Committee of Seventy's large maps of individual wards and divisions.

Search the map below to find your division, and then sign up here to get connected to ward election efforts in your neighborhood.

Click here to print a Democratic petition (must be DOUBLE-SIDED to be valid.)

Click here to print a Republican petition




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