Our Mission

Philadelphia 3.0 is a political organization committed to helping Philadelphia capitalize on its progress and promise. We support independent-minded candidates running for City Council and lead efforts to reform and modernize City Hall.

In 2015 we backed seven candidates for City Council--Democrats and Republicans, incumbents and challengers--three of whom were elected to office. Since the election, our focus has shifted to policy and governance. We are leading an initiative to eliminate the City Commissioners row office and producing research on the pension crisis, our tax structure, and the impact of municipal regulations on business creation.

Our goal is a more competitive city and a local government that works for residents and businesses.


Project: City Commissioners 

Philadelphia 3.0 is committed to political reform, which isn't possible without a 21st Century election system. Join 3.0 and over a dozen other civic organizations in support of the Better Philadelphia Election Coalition as we advocate for the elimination of the City Commissioner office and the creation of a fair, effective and modern election system in Philadelphia.