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Alison Perelman | Executive Director

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  • Joe Shay
    commented 2022-08-19 09:55:08 -0400
    I read the Geeting piece on how the Philly Dem party hurts Democrats. It is too vague with “likely, seems, maybe, not yet.” No real hard evidence. I have felt that the Geeting title would allow him to ENGAGE the regular party rather than a “disengagement” director. The use of the term “machine” is old head. Thre has not been a machine in 25 years. The local party is a family with family squabbles. Use of the machine is a cheap slam. The 3.0 success rate does not match that of Reclaim. I read where one person suggested the name be 0.3. In the midterms we need unity talk – not party-splitting chatter from Geeting.