Introducing 'Home Rule': A New Philly Politics Podcast

Today we're excited to share the first episode of 'Home Rule', a new Philly politics podcast by Philadelphia 3.0. 

Our first episode, How to Run for Delegate, features local attorney and elections expert Adam Bonin discussing the process of how to run for delegate in Pennsylvania to support your favorite Presidential candidate at the Convention this summer, and it's a good example of what you can expect to hear on the program.

The idea for Home Rule came about as a result of an opening we saw in the podcasting space for a Philadelphia politics podcast that goes a level or two deeper on the issues than some of the existing local news podcasts that are out there already—programs that we love like The WHY which, while entertaining and informative, would probably never give you a 45-minute discussion on City Council redistricting, or the problems with the City's approach to property tax reassessment, or the implications of county elections for the SEPTA Board. 

Over the last few years, through our blog and public events, we've worked to provide resources to people interested in learning about and participating in local politics, by helping provide news and information, critical political context, and opportunities to take action. Sometimes the right medium is an article, sometimes it's an event like a panel discussion or a workshop or training, and sometimes it's a podcast. Being podcast listeners ourselves, we've increasingly become aware of how the medium can be an approachable way to digest and convey information about complex and important topics.

We think there's room for another place to talk about many of the key topics we cover here on our blog, like City Council politics and legislation, governance issues, housing and development, intra-Democratic party politics, and more, while bringing in more outside voices from issue experts, activists, reporters, and other political observers who have deep expertise on local politics and issues.

We're still figuring out the frequency at which we'll be recording episodes of 'Home Rule', but aspirationally, we hope to record an episode once every few weeks, and are aiming to keep it pretty topical and relevant to the news cycle. 

Check out the first episode, and share it with any friends who may be considering a run for delegate, or who may be interested in the convention and how the new delegate selection rules work. And stay tuned for more episodes, as well as instructions for how to subscribe to Home Rule wherever you get your podcasts.

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  • Evan Silverstein
    commented 2020-01-17 11:03:06 -0500
    Very exciting! But I can’t find it on my podcast app (Overcast). Do you by chance have an RSS url I could plug in?