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Clark has had hid hands all over development in his district. In his district PHA auctioned off 400 PHA owned homes in 2011. He used eminent domain to seize around 1200 homes in 2014, many of those same homes that were auctioned. PHA used federal grant monies to seize these homes. Some of these homes were partially renovated then forced to abandon by their owners. I know of homes on otherwise blithed blocks that had exterior brick cleaned,new windows, and doors installed, new electrical service and extensive structural repairs. I’ve seen at least a few of these homes stripped of their windows, doors and electrical service, returning back to their former ghetto condition. I’ve even seen homes with their security bars ripped off. No renovation work was done to these homes that Clarke and his lying cronies promised. His office helped rip these homes away from people renovating them who would have returned them to the market while improving the urban landscape not to mention the revenues the neighborhood and city. Meanwhile these homes sit empty again with no known clue when they will end being a blighted eyesore.