Wolf and Kenney call for PPA audit after Council declines

("Really, dude?" Photo: Newsworks/WHYY) A day after a majority on City Council voted down a resolution to audit the Philadelphia Parking Authority, Mayor Jim Kenney and Governor Tom Wolf each released public statements calling for an audit, the Inquirer reports. Continue reading

Darrell Clarke Tries to Hide Council Votes Against PPA Audit

Council President Darrell Clarke pulled an unusual procedural move yesterday to hide the votes of Councilmembers who opposed a Parking Authority audit, reports Ryan Briggs. Continue reading

Disgraced PPA Boss Vince Fenerty Resigns, Receives Giant Pension

After the Parking Authority board did an about-face and announced they would fire Vince Fenerty instead of barely punishing him after discovering he had sexually harassed two employees, Fenerty announced he would resign instead of getting fired. Continue reading

Uber X Will Be Illegal Again in Philly Starting This Weekend

Jim Saksa at PlanPhilly notes that while the law temporarily legalizing ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft in Philadelphia doesn't officially lapse until tomorrow, Harrisburg already went on recess Wednesday so there isn't going to be a last-minute fix. Continue reading

Uber X Will Be Illegal Again in Philly In Two Days

  Uber X and other ride-hailing services will be illegal again in Philly in just two days, as a state law that temporarily legalized the service during the DNC is about to expire. Continue reading

WIN: Parking Authority Fires Vince Fenerty After Pressure From Electeds, Advocates

(Photo credit: Olivia Exstrum | Philadelphia Inquirer) The Philadelphia Parking Authority board has fired Executive Director Vince Fenerty, according to the Inquirer's Chris Brennan.   Continue reading

Obama to City Council: Don't Increase Parking Requirements

(Obama doesn't even think South Philly needs parking minimums | Carolyn Kaster, AP Photo) Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell's bill doubling parking requirements for apartment buildings has been having a rough time since we first wrote about it two weeks ago. Continue reading

Keep Up with City Council with our Weekly Council Report Card

City Council's Legistar website is pretty useful if you know what you're looking for, but it's not exactly optimized for political activism. Continue reading

Anthony Clark Could Be Philly's Last Line of Defense Against Trump "Poll Watchers"

  Last month, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump waxed conspiratorial, telling a crowd in Altoona that the only way he'd lose Pennsylvania was if there was massive voter fraud in Philadelphia. Continue reading

Al Taubenberger: PPA Head's Sexual Harassment Just "A High School Puppy Love Situation"

  The Philadelphia Parking Authority board is under fire for giving Executive Director Vince Fenerty a little slap on the wrist after Mike Newall reported yesterday that Fenerty had been sexually harassing a female colleague for two years. Continue reading